Finikia Residence

Built according to the rules of traditional Greek architecture, Finikia Residence is located in the district of Finikia, at short walking distance to Oia, on the other side of the volcanic crater, facing the island of Ios and the famous Oia sunset. The residence combines Santorini’s tradition with exceptional design and contemporary amenities.

In the past, the property used to operate as a “canava”, an old wine-making cottage industry, which used to sell both wine and bread. Nowadays, the impressive space has been turned into an autonomous studio, including an indoor shower, separated by a partition wall, that stands in the place of the old winepress.
The residence bears architectural influences from different cultures, including rare pieces and artifacts, collected by the well-respected Captains that used to reside the property. Finikia Residence, has been renovated with meticulous attention to detail, exuding a sense of great quality. The property’s terrace offers stunning views of seven islands, while it includes a big jacuzzi, offering moments of relaxation, in an extremely tasteful atmosphere. Combined with the beauty of the scenery, the successful blend of the “old” and the “new” makes Finikia Residence a unique choice for your summer getaway!