Aegina is part of the Argo-Saronic islands. It is located southwest of Piraeus and, like all of the Argo-Saronic islands, is extremely popular with the locals. Aegina is known for its beautiful architecture, vast history, and unparalleled pistachios.


The best time to visit Aegina is from May, which is the beginning of summer, to September, which is its end. If you don’t like crowds opting for mid to late May or September is your best bet if you want to be certain that the sea is warm enough to swim.


According to legend and ancient mythology, Aegina got its name from the daughter of the god of the river Asopos in Boeotia who was named Aegina.Aegina is generally associated with Greece’s first Governor (a position equal to President and PM wrapped up in one), Ioannis Kapodistrias, who greatly oversaw building projects on the island that still stand today. After the capital was moved to Nafplion in 1829, Aegina diminished until later in the 20th century, it experienced a rebirth as a popular, posh vacation destination