Ensure a leisurely stroll through Chorio with its numerous plazas surrounded by charming venues and souvenir shops for you to discover. Psathi (port), Goupa, Kara, Prassa, Aliki, Bonatsa and Dekas are smaller settlements mainly inhabited over the summer that are a wonder to explore.


For the curious visitors seeking to learn the island’s remarkable history, the Archaeological museum is just across the church of Odigitria while the Folklore Museum lies right within the Castle’s walls.


One of the most significant attractions of Kimolos is Skiadi, an imposing stone in the shape of a giant mushroom. This natural monument located on the northwestern part of Kimolos, west of the Sklavos height, stands in the middle of a barren plateau and overlooks the Southwestern and Western coasts of the island along with a major part of Milos. Due to its diverse array of minerals composing it and the powerful winds howling in that area, this rare stone marvel has achieved a unique shape and size allowing it to become a part in the Atlas of Geological Monuments of the Aegean.


Beaches of Kimolos

Kimolos has many beautiful beaches and visitors should explore as many of them as possible:



Sheltered from the wind, it features a giant rock and ‘sirmata’ (caves carved into the rock where locals keep their boats during winter). You can walk to Rema from the Windmill Hotel.



Sandy beach has a calm and serene atmosphere, and is on the way to Prassa.



This beach features a beach bar with music and is the most popular of the island. It has natural beauty with white sand and light-blue water. At the entrance are soothing baths, with set opening times.


Aliki, Bonatsa, Kalamitsi

These beaches are clustered together and all feature clean, shallow waters with numerous tavernas nearby. Bonatsa also features a beach bar.


Elinika, Mavrospilia

Mavrospilia is a beautiful, long beach on the western side of Kimolos. If the sea is calm, you can see the nearby underwater ruins of the ancient city of Elinika while Mavrospilia is recommended for taking in the sunset. Both beaches are highly exposed to the north wind. They may be reached by car, by private boat or as part of an island tour by sea taxi.


The Gerakia cave

An exotic cave with wonderful turquoise waters that can be explored. It is reachable by sea taxi as part of an island tour.


Monastiria, Soufi, Agioklima

These are remote seaside hideaways. At Agioklima there is a natural hot spring. It is reachable by sea taxi as part of an island tour or with a 4×4 vehicle.