Santorini is the southernmost island in the Cyclades and is located between Ios and Anafi.
Renowned for its spectacular caldera, a creation of the extremely powerful volcanic eruption during the prehistoric era 3,000 years ago, this island has fascinated vistors and voyagers down the centuries. The warm springs between Nea and Palea Kammeni are the proof that the volcano retains some activity. This geological catastrophe in history brought about the complete preservation of the prehistoric village at Akrotiri area which is worth a visit.


The steep cliffs, the carefully sited houses at the edge of the rocks and cliffs all combine with the hues of the horizon at sunset, affirming Santorini once again as the most romantic spot on earth.


Archaeological Site of Akrotiri, Akrotiri

The large extent of the settlement (ca. 20 hectares), the elaborate drainage system, the sophisticated multi-storeyed buildings with the magnificent wall-paintings, furniture and vessels, show its great development and prosperity.


Archaeological Museum of Thira

It was built in 1960 by the Ministry of Public Works in order to replace the old museum (built in 1902), which had collapsed during the earthquakes of 1956.


Folklore Museum of Manolis Lignos, Kontohori, Fira

The folklore museum of Santorini is located in Fira at a place called Kontohori. The museum is hosted into traditional cave houses of 1861. We suggest to take the small walk from the main square of Fira to discover the gem Mr Manolis Lignos has created. With a 3 euros ticket you receive a guided tour of the museum. It is actualy the recreation of a tiny village and take a walk into the past of Santorini walking between the various shops and houses.



From the exclusive Red Beach to the family beach Monolithos and from the cosmopolitan Perivolos to touristic Kamari and Perissa, Santorini offers a great number of extraordinary, volcanic beaches like nowhere else on earth.


Red Beach (Kokkini Paralia)
Agios Georgios – Perivolos



The climate and geological uniqueness of the island has contributed to the creation of a vineyard with specific characteristics. Asyrtico and Mavrotragano are two indigenous varieties, whose cultivation goes deep in time, can be found in abundance on this small Cycladic island. Today Santorini constitutes the best organised wine-tourist destination with visitable wineries, excellent restaurants and wine tasting such as Boutari Winery, Domain Sigalas, Santo Wines, etc.