Adamas is the main port of Milos and the first impression most people first get of the island upon arrival. The village is built alongside the Bay of Milos, which is one of the most sheltered natural harbours in the Mediterranean. Adamas is the main tourist centre for the island and offers everything most visitors are looking for. From cafes and restaurants to ouzo bars and night clubs, from supermarkets to pharmacies, clinics and shops, this is the main spot.


The capital of Milos is Plaka, which hovers over the village of Adamas, at an altitude of around 200m. This picturesque old town with narrow cobbled streets, stone steps and small squares is a treasure trove of tavernas, shops and several beautiful mansions. During the afternoon it is completely pedestrianized as vehicles are prohibited then, so visitors can able to enjoy a rerlxaed stroll around this charming and interesting location, taking in the full extent of its sights, sounds and views.


A visit to the castle, which was built by the Venetians in the 13th century, is a must – particularly if experienced at dusk which yields a magnificent sunset and panoramic views over the Bay of Milos. At the top of Plaka stands the shrine to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mesa Panagia).


Milos has a second port, Pollonia, which lies on the northeastern side of the island, 14km from Plaka and 10km from Adamas. It is the main departure port for ferries to the island of Kimolos as well as the many boats and yachts that cruise around the Cyclades and the islands and coastline of Greece, not to mention routes around the beautiful island of Milos itself.


There are many beautiful beaches in Milos that are worth visiting:


For the adventurous looking for a more deserted beach, then a drive to Triades could be the answer.


Gerontas can be found at the southernmost part of Milos and it is slightly more difficult to access because of the unfinished road towards the end of the drive.


The beach of Paleochori is located in the south of Milos and it is easily accessible via the road.


The charming little beach of Tsigrado is situated in the south of Milos and it is easily accessible by road, but probably the most difficult one to reach on foot after parking the car.


Most probably the longest beach in southern Milos, Fyriplaka is the perfect place to go to on the days when the northern wind, blows with four or more grades of the Beaufort scale.


Kleftiko is one of the landmarks of Milos and a must-see for any visitor to the island.


On less windy days, the stunning white beach of Sarakiniko, located in the north of Milos, certainly calls for a visit.