Kardamyli, Mani

The guests can visit the Tower of Mourtzinos, in the historic village of Old Kardamyli. Walking the cobbled streets, one will see the church of Agios Spiridon, which dates from the Byzantium and has a magnificent belfry. Stroll around the Old Town of Kardamyli, and take a break at one of the pictaresque cafes nearby. The historical Museum of Greek Culture “Androuvista” in Exochori is a must!


There are many other beaches in very close proximity, such as Ritsa, Chalikias, Salio, Dolphins, Kalamitsi, Foneas and Neo Proastio. Ritsa beach is a few steps away from the properties, and is perfect for swimming in its blue waters, or for a canoe ride. The area is ideal for fishing or snorkeling.


In close proximity to Kardamyli and well worth a visit, are a number of pretty villages. Some, such as Stupa have wonderful beaches while others like Agios Nicholaos date back to Byzantine times. Other places of interest are the small towns of Itilo and Areopolis as well as the famous caves of Diros.


Mountain climbers and ramblers will find many mountain paths starting from Kardamyli, ideal for mountain biking, some of which actually reach the top of Taygetos, the highest mountain of the Peloponnese.