Heraklion, Crete

Visit the Heraklion Archaeological Museum and the Palace of Knossos and discover the ancient Cretan civilization! Explore Archanes, the traditional, neighbouring, colorful village! Heading to the Heraklion town, you can wander around the central square, with the famous Morosini Lions Fountain, a perfect spot for a coffee break, or a drink at night!


Learn the historic secrets associated with wine and its production at the Boutari Winery, combining wine tasting with your stay at Scalani Hills Residences!


Guided Tours

The winery is open to the public and offers guided tours as well as organized wine tastings. The tour includes a visit to the vineyards and the winery. There visitors can see the Boutari cellar where wines are aged and a special projection room featuring a spectacular audiovisual experience that takes each visitor on a unique journey through the history of Crete.


Wine Tasting Courses

The resident Boutari oenologist offers a basic course on wine tasting, during which visitors can explore this mystical art through all the senses and learn the historic secrets associated with wine and its production.


Cretan Cuisine Courses

The estate cook offers bespoke courses on Cretan cuisine to small groups. Using local ingredients and special recipes, this is a treat for anyone interested in cuisine and gastronomy. Ideal for families!


The Cooking Lesson includes:

• Fried zucchini croquettes
• “Dakos” rusks, fresh “mizithra” cheese, tomato, olives and capers pesto
• Vine leaf rolls stuffed with rice
• Braised pork with groats or Greek traditional “Mousakas”
• Sweet “mizithra” soft cheese pies


The Cooking Lesson Service Includes:

Cooking Lesson at the Winery Kitchen

Winery Tour, Wine Tasting & Meal at the Winery Hospitality Venue

The menu synthesis of the meal is the one of the Cooking Lesson

• Please advise of any food allergies.
• Cooking Lessons are upon request, with a prior notice – final date & time to be confirmed upon availability.
• Max. Number of Persons per lesson: 6
• Max. Capacity of Persons at the Winery Kitchen: 6
• Duration: approx. 3 hours (including the meal at the Winery Hospitality Venue)
• Languages: English, French, Greek
• Parking is also available in the Estate premises.