Chania, Crete

Despite the passage of time, the beautiful city of Chania has preserved its original hues and historical character. Alcanea Boutique Hotel is lucky to be located in one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in Crete.


Navigating through the streets is a wonder as the Venetian, Turkish and modern architectures offer a harmonious amalgamation that creates a unique attraction for visitors. Archaeological sites, temples, and numerous cultural attractions are dispersed all over the town and are highly recommended to those who want to learn more of the Cretan culture.


A major characteristic of Chania, however, is its rich cultural life. With yearly festivities, music festivals and galleries rich with mesmerizing arts and crafts, the visitor is easily enchanted.


For your leisurely walks the Venetian port provides pleasant promenades that are adorned with countless seafront bars and restaurants that happily welcome guests. Meanwhile, the districts of the city outside the walls still preserve the architectural style of their Venetian nobility. Additionally, the narrow passages surrounded by elegant houses from various periods are bound to bewilder those who wish to explore more of what the city has to offer.


Chania is the ideal base for people seeking to find gorgeous shorelines, scenic mountain villages and adventurous hiking trails of stunning views in Western Crete.