Things to Do

Petra Beach

Petra is another name used for referring to Kallikatsou which is a stone formerly used as an open-air shrine for worshipping Aphrodite, the Greek goddess. Presently, Petra is one of Patmos’ Beaches which is mystical in nature. You can enjoy the wonderful energies of Patmos Island especially when you swim in there.


Hike & Treck along Patmos Beautiful Paths

In the ancient days, Patmos Island’s main means of transport is through walking paths popularly referred to as Monopatia. Although rarely used in modern days, one of the top things to do in Patmos is walk, hike or trek along one of them. It will offer you an opportunity to gain insights into the ways of life in ancient Patmos. You should try out the old route between Skala and Chora in Patmos.