Things to Do

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Stroll around cosmopolitan Naoussa.

A must-visit place of Paros is definitely the buzzing town of Naoussa. It is the second biggest town in Paros and the center of nightlife & fancy restaurants. A true Cycladic gem, Naoussa has gracefully retained its traditional architecture and authentic essence although has experienced substantial tourist growth. Built amphitheatrical around its cozy port, Naoussa offers a variety of excellent shops, seafood taverns, bars and “ouzeries” to indulge into.


Kolymbithres beach & its rock formations

A must-see of Paros is the unique bay of Kolymbithres on the northern part of the island. Its lunar scenery creates a marvellous background for your photographs, while the shallow, turquoise waters allow for a rejuvenating swim.


Stroll around Parikia village

Parikia is the capital town and main port of Paros. It is the year-round center of commercial and cultural life on the island. Although the biggest town of Paros, it has maintained its Cycladic architecture. The neighborhood of Kastro is full of whitewashed cubic houses with wooden doors and windows and narrow alleys while colourful bougainvillaea trees give a colorful touch. Getting lost in Parikia’s lovely labyrinth is the perfect way to discover its charm.


Explore the exquisite gastronomic scene

The gastronomic scene of Paros is arguably diverse, first-rate and delicious. Serving meals made with care and the freshest local and Greek products, taverns and restaurants worth visiting can be found all around the island, but the majority is concentrated in the towns of Naoussa and Parikia. Elegant restaurants by the sea or cozier taverns hidden along the paved alleyways, one thing is certain; the flavors can satisfy every palate.


Visit Antiparos islet with a boat ride

At only a nautical mile southwest of vivid Paros stands the islet of Antiparos. This Cycladic islet is rather tranquil compared to its sister island, with emphasis on the Cycladic elements and traditional lifestyle. It creates the perfect summer getaway, both for single-day boat trips and a few overnight stays. Antiparos is accessible by boat from Parikia and Pounda port.


Swim or Windsurf at Golden Beach

The exquisite Golden Beach (Chryssi Akti) is arguably one of the top bays in Paros. t is fully organized with beach bars, sunbeds, and windsurfing facilities, as it is an acclaimed windsurfing hub. Enjoy the crystalline waters and soft, golden sand for an idyllic unwinding day.


Kitesurfing at Pounda bay

Aside from frolicking in the clear waters and sunbathing, visitors can also indulge in the excellent sports of windsurfing and kitesurfing. The Paros Kite center offers multi-level sessions on both activities, from beginner to advanced, ensuring professionalism, top-tier equipment and safety throughout the sessions.


Full day sailing cruise to the Small Cyclades

While vacationing in Paros, an excellent activity to indulge into is a whole day of sailing around the paradise-like islands of Small Cyclades. The fantastic islands forming this complex are Donoussa, Schinoussa, Iraklia and Koufonisia. Interestingly, they are part of the nearby Naxian municipality. They are easily accessed from Paros through the single-day sailing cruise, savouring approximately 10 hours of turquoise waters, serene seascapes and untouched islands.


Watch a movie under the stars

It has become a Greek summer tradition to watch a movie under the stars. Paros has two open-air cinemas in Parikia and Naoussa. In Parikia you will have the chance to watch the latest releases in their original version with Greek subtitles. In Naoussa on the other hand, plays mostly classic movies and admission is free.


Swim at Santa Maria beach

When vacationing in Paros, spending at least a day in the exquisite Santa Maria beach should be on the top things to do. The seashore is located on the northeastern part of the island, interestingly split in two beaches, both facing toward Aliko bay of neighbouring Naxos. Pristine azure and emerald waters, shimmering golden sand and tourist amenities welcome travelers for an idyllic day of unwinding. Activities like diving and snorkeling are highly recommended here and the nearby diving and windsurfing center can assist and guide enthusiasts.