Zagori, Northern Greece

Zagori is a heaven for outdoor activities with its mountains, rivers, gorges, ancient paths and the unsurpassed nature of Vikos-Aoos National Park. Kipi village, conveniently located in Central Zagori, is the perfect base for exploring this magical area, whether it is trekking, rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, horse riding, river or lake swimming and much more.

The last years, the Zagori marathon has captured audience from all over the world competing for distances ranging from 5km to 50km, through the mountains of Timfi.

Since 2013, the Zagori mountain bike race has provided trails for all tastes and levels of endurance.

The Zagori marathon and the mountain bike race take place on the last weekend of July.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance in choosing the right activities for you!
Adventure & Trekking

The area of Zagori is famous for the old trails, most of which are kept in very good condition. We have divided the trails in three categories of endurance. Those that start from the hotel are the most popular:

• Kipi - Koukouli    • Kipi - Kapesovo

• Kipi - Tsepelovo  • Kipi - Negades

• Kipi - Dikorfo      • Kipi - Elati


Wander in the cobbled alleys of the traditional villages of Zagori with its distinctive stone built houses. Take a break for a “tsipouro” brandy in the central square, under the shade of the plane tree. Visit the various museums of local arts and crafts.


Hop between villages via the traditional interconnecting paths and stone bridges. Enjoy the wealth of nature or drive off road to discover the unique beauty of the National Forest of Vikos-Aoos and Valia Calda.

City Break

For a city beak, Ioannina with Pamvotis lake and its vibrant night life is just 30Km away. Visit the museums, walk in the old city in the castle or take a short boat ride to the island in the middle of the lake.


Zagori Area

Kipi is one of the principal villages in Central Zagori – literally the “area behind the mountain” and one of the most picturesque traditional corners of Greece. The village is surrounded by rivers and numerous fresh water springs.

The area of Zagori in North West Greece, is famous for its attractions and activities:

  • Visit the renowned stone built villages of Zagori with their unique architecture, walk in the cobblestone alleys or just sit for a drink (locals call it “tsipouro”) under the shade of the plane tree.
  • Explore the iconic stone bridges of the area. The most famous are Kokkoris bridge, the three-arch bridge of Plakidas (or the “monk’s bridge”), and Missios bridge.
  • Visit the local churches and monasteries of the area including St Nicholas church at Tsepelovo, St Paraskevi church at Monodendri, Evangelistria monastery at Ano Pedina, Spilitissa monastery at Aristi.
  • Admire the view of Vikos Gorge, world’s second deepest after Grand Canyon, Arizona.
  • Get acquainted with the history and culture of Zagori through the museums at Monodendri, Koukouli, Elafotopos etc.

Zagori can be visited all year round.