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Location of Kipi Suites ZAGORI

Kipi village, at an altitude of 800m, lies just half an hour away from Ioannina.

Situated at the top of the traditional village of Kipi in Zagori, in a privileged location just a 100 of meters away from the central road, Kipi Suites offers panoramic views to the village, Mitsikeli mountain, Baya river and Milos stone bridge, while instantly creating a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Zagori can be easily reached by road from the following major routes.

From Athens

Kipi Suites, Zagori

From Thessaloniki airport

Kipi Suites, Zagori


From Aktion airport

Kipi Suites, Zagori


From Igoumenitsa port

Kipi Suites, Zagori


From Ioannina airport

Kipi Suites, Zagori


From Ioannina

Kipi Suites, Zagori