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Stoupa is a picturesque seaside village, located in Messinian Mani, 45km away from Kalamata and 55km away from the airport.

 A village that fascinates visitors all year round, enticing them to make Stoupa their permanent vacation destination. During summer the sea and the clean sand are challenging for the lovers of the wet element. 

Stoupa features two beaches,  the village’s homonym beach,  as well as the famous beach of Kalogria.

Nikos Kazantzakis and Alexis Zorbas lived on this beach for 2 years (1917 – 1918). This is where the Cretan writer inspired his world – famous homonym work. Today, half of the guests visiting the area hold the book “Zorbas” in their hands (the other half, of course, hold the book “Mani”, by Patrick Le Fermor).

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