Location of Kambos House KIMOLOS

Finding Kambos House in Kimolos

Kambos House is located at the entrance of Chorio, approx.  one minute from Chora.

Coming out from the boat you follow the cars that exit the port and take the slightly uphill road that leads you to the main (and only!) village “Chorio”.

After approximately 300 meters, where the road forks, please turn left and follow the signs to “Chorio”. 

Useful Info about the main village "Chorio"

At the main village of Chorio there is a community clinic, a post office, and a pharmacy along with bakeries, cafes, tavernas, restaurants, general stores, mini markets, bars and gift shops. There is a gas station in the nearby village of Agios Nikolaos.

  • Chorio (parking area): 500m
  • Chorio (walking distance): 650m
  • Kimolos port (Psathi): 1 km
  • The Windmill: 1 km
  • Thalassa Beach House: 3,0 km
  • Bonatsa Beach House: 3,0 km
  • Alikaki Kimolos: 2,3 km
  • Milaki Kimolos: 850 m
  • Psathi Blue: 900 m
  • Aria Kimolos Residence: 500m


By ferry or speed boat from the port of Pireaus near Athens. The journey takes between 4.5 and 7.5 hours depending on the type of vessel. For further information on the ferry itineraries please click here.

Via the island of Milos

There are regular flight connections between Milos and Athens on a daily basis; the flight takes around 40 minutes.

We can then arrange for a taxi to take you to the port of Pollonia in Milos and a local ferry or speedboat-taxi (known as “Delfini”, tel. +30 6972 272 111) to Psathi, the port of Kimolos. The trip lasts from 10 to 25 minutes according to the vessel chosen.

Milos is an important port and is therefore connected by numerous sea routes, including Cretan Lines ships, to other islands such as Folegandros and Santorini.

There is also an island-hopping boat service that interconnects several of the Cycladic islands with two or three stops at Kimolos per week.

For further information about the boat connections please click here