Archipel Mansion

Archipel Mansion is a self-contained luxury holiday villa on Santorini island that may accommodate up to eight guests in total. It consists of the Main House (The Mansion) and an adjacent studio (The Studio), each with its own entrance offering privacy to all residents. The outside spaces of The Archipel Mansion overlook the famous caldera basin and the Aegean Sea and offer various seating and dining areas. An outdoor heated plunge pool with whirlpool feature is also available for the ultimate relaxation.

Archipel Mansion is perched on the highest point of Santorini's capital, Fira, an area rich in history of which the Mansion is an integral part. With its prime location offering breathtaking view of the famous caldera formed by the collapse of an ancient volcano, this is a place for quiet reflection. The extraordinary light created in this wonder of nature has inspired generations of travellers.

With its typical white rendered buildings contrasting the stark volcanic rock and the azure blue of the sea in the Cyclades islands, it is hardly surprising that Santorini has become one of the most photographed holiday destinations in the Greek Islands. At Archipel Mansion, our Aria service team is on-hand to provide a memorable experience of authentic Greek hospitality – privacy and home comforts amid an authentic example of Greek island living.

Whether you are seeking history and culture, a family retreat, or a chance to experience one of the Mediterranean's most spectacular views, Archipel Mansion is your perfect Greek island destination.



Archipel Mansion has prime position in “Fraggomahalas”, an ancient district of Santorini's capital, Fira.

The original Mansion was built in the early 18th century and its dramatic second floor was completed around 1830. It is surmounted by triangular pediment typical of the vernacular. The building was originally home to a collection of historic Greek sculptures and ceramics derived from excavations in ancient Thira. Today these are exhibited at the archaeological museum of Fira.

The original owners of the Mansion were the The Delenda family of Catalonian descent who first came to Athens in the 14th century and then moved to Naxos before settling in Santorini in the mid-16th century.

The family is part of the nobility of the Duchy of the Aegean 1207-1537. The family's coat of arms depicts a tower and sword accompanied by a coronet which symbolises the family's aristocratic rank.

While resident on Santorini, the family hosted numerous dignitaries, particularly from Great Britain, Austria, France and Germany including Emperor Wilhelm II, Baron Hillier Von Gertingen, the archaeologist who pioneered excavations in ancient Thira, and in 1835, King Otto of Greece, and Queen Amalia.

The present house was built by in the style of a neoclassical palazzo by its current owner, the architect Nikos Delendas. The traditions begun by the original owners 600 years ago live on in the form of a luxury villa that lives and breathes Santorini's island history.

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