While kayaking around the island is a very different way to explore Milos’ unique volcanic coastline. Paddling through crystal clear waters, into caves, tunnels and arches, swimming in deserted beaches and discovering the small surrounding islands is all part of the experience. No previous kayaking experience is required and both one-day or multi-day trips are on offer. More adventurous kayakers one can try the multiday camping expedition around Milos with visits to other islands as part of the itinerary. There are many different routes available, depending on the weather and mainly the direction of the wind.

Scuba Diving

Underwater, Milos also has a great deal to offer. The island comprises a beautiful and rare wild sea bed with a vast variety of fish and other maritime creatures. Scuba diving is the perfect way to experience the underwater caves, ship wrecks from the II WW, pirate ship remains, warm water springs and magic underwater scenes. Even lesser experienced or novice scuba divers should make an effort and not pass up the opportunity of a first dive in the triangle of Milos-Kimolos-Polyaigos.


Fun begins at the beach, with a cold beer or a refreshing mojito at the at one of the many beach bars around Milos island. After sunset the ‘fun-ometer’ begins to rise. Many people walk to the staircase at the confluence of three most well-known bars in Adamas, opposite the main pier. That is the meeting point for almost all groups of friends at the start of the evening. Many clubbing options are available in Adamas. The night carries on at ‘after hours’ clubs, where musical diversity finds its home in the many clubs to be found throughout Adamas and the alleys of Plaka.