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British Heritage Collection


Greece. The land of voyages and odysseys, of Homer and Plato, the birthplace of democracy, drama and empires. Its long history in turn gives us architecture, literature, romance and intrigue. Greek legend tells how rulers learnt to be kings, and mortals how to live. For Churchill, it was heroes who fought like Greeks. The people of Greece have seen worlds emerge and disappear on their horizon, as surely as the moon waxes and the sun burns. Surrounded by seas both azure-blue and wine-dark, and bordered by mountains inhabited by gods and oracles, this is a country like no other.


From the earliest times, Greece has drawn visitors from the north, and particularly from Britain. They danced, duelled, loved and lost among the landscapes. Their travels inspired poems, wars, treaties and ideas. Others passed through to drink deep of the traditions, culture, buildings and gastronomy. Many settled within the Ionian Peninsula itself and a deep bond of friendship between the two nations still survives today.


Aria Hotels has created the 'British Heritage Collection' to showcase beautiful properties with a direct connection to that centuries-old relationship. The houses, mansions and estates all testify to the British legacy in Greece. Curated to express affinity between cultures, each unique location touches on the history of past owners and their ancestors, architecture and design, and ambience, all speaking something of the days, nights and lives which each place has seen.


The portfolio is now available to a new generation of traveller to forge new stories, legends, and moments. Each is embedded in the Aria ethos of authentic hospitality in special, memorable places, making for holidays to explore and remember forever.




The Patrick & Joan Leigh Fermor House

Unique Legacy


Pegassus Private Island

Island Paradise